From the Reviews of Stalin’s General: The Life of Georgy Zhukov

"A welcome new biography of the ruthless Red Army general who defeated the Nazis and then spent decades alternately disgraced and rehabilitated in Soviet Russia.... . Zhukov’s relationship with Stalin emerges as a key, fascinating aspect to the story... A solid, engaging life."

"Roberts makes the only English-language Zhukov biography a WWII essential."

Daily Beast
"With maps of the action, unpublished photos, and unprecedented access to historical documents, Roberts reveals the story of Russia’s ruthless general and his subsequent fall from grace as he faced obliteration by the Soviet government he fought tirelessly to preserve."

Washington Post
"Likely to stand for some time as the most comprehensive biography of Zhukov."

"To tell the General's tale Geoffrey Roberts wades through sources that are often contradictory. Accusations of enormous cruelties, mythological feats of heroism, and requisite romantic entanglements are woven through every aspect of Zhukov's life...Roberts takes his task seriously and with a biographer's modesty perfectly suited to his subject's largeness. In broad, clear language aimed at history fans of all stripes, he fill pages with detailed information on the military and political aspects of the Red Army...Zhukov's personality is revealed through a play-by-play account of Stalin's war with Hitler's Germany, thus offering a portrait of Stalin as well."

The Weekly Standard
"this meticulously researched new biography...."

Washington Times
"Geoffrey Roberts very convincingly puts forth Georgy Zhukov, Stalin's deputy supreme commander, as "the best all-around general of the Second World War".... Now we have the full story of Zhukov's storied and stormy career."

Washington Independent Review of Books
"Roberts, who has studied and written on the Soviet experience in World War II for decades, shows his comfort with the material in his absolute control over a complex narrative... This is a fine biography, wrapped well into the broader context of Zhukov’s war and the Soviet system he served so loyally. The general reader can come away with a clear understanding of Zhukov’s character and operating style.... Geoffrey Roberts has accomplished his aim, with a readable, sound, balanced portrait of a fascinating man operating on a vast scale.  "

Simon Sebag Montefiore, Evening Standard
"Roberts does a good job of illuminating key incidents, using Stalin’s appointment diaries and a few of Zhukov’s unused notes. This biography is soundly sensible in judgement..."
"There’s no doubt that the man who comes through, bluff disciplinarian though he may have been, was undoubtedly the right man in the right place at the right time to make a substantial difference to the Soviet war effort, and thus to the whole fate of World War II. Recommended reading."

Steve Forbes, Forbes Magazine
"Roberts’ book gives us a true appreciation of Russian generalship during the war... "

Irish Times
"  ...the most comprehensive biography of Zhukov in English, which chronicles not only the marshal’s well-known military feats but also, and very importantly, the military and political intrigues and infighting that went on behind the scenes as the USSR fought, firstly for its survival and finally for total victory against what had once appeared to be Germany’s unbeatable military machine... Roberts’s biography contains an abundance of new material. It is an informative, accessible and academically rigorous work the publication of which fittingly marks the 70th anniversary of Stalingrad"

BBC History Magazine
"He demonstrates a deep understanding of the Soviet system...Roberts excels in his treatment of the postwar period...a skilfully written account of an extraordinary man living in extraordinary times."


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